Monday, 1 December 2014

Welcome To The NAIJAGRAPHITTI Big December Giveaway!

As part of najiaGRAPHITTI First Year Anniversary celebrations, we had promised to have a month-long treat for readers and commentators of the only edublog on CREATIVITY & INNOVATION in Nigeria. That month-long treat starts today DECEMBER 1st!

There are cash prizes, publishing opportunities and gifts up for grabs. Everyone who reads naijaGRAPHITTI must be a winner!!!

One of the key expectations of this blog is that as a result of its activities Nigerians take up reading. We really want you to read and enjoy reading for learning purpose. Honestly, even people who are into funny business (those business that Nigerians are ashamed to be associated with, you know) they expect people to read, so why not those of us doing serious business. READING IS GOOD; READING TO LEARN IS BETTER.

We have the following prizes:

  • First Three Monthly Winners by December 30th (N20,000 cash prize each) and publication of your personal photo of agreed size.
  • First Three Weekly Winners starting from December 15th (N10,000) (Note: No Winners will emerge until December 15th)
  • First 20 runners-up with High Quality naijaGRAPHITTI embossed T-shirts
  • First 250 next runners by December 30th with a copy each of EXPLODING POTENTIAL book.

The rules are really simple to follow. Please diligently read through and adhere to the following:

  1. Every winner must comment on a minimum of 7 (seven) sections of the blog.
  2. Every winner must not submit any comment less than three sentences to be eligible as relevant comment entry.
  3. Every winner must comment on at least 7 (seven) articles in the home page.
  4. Every winner must describe in a separate mail their favourite article in all of the blog in no less than five sentences or two paragraphs.
  5. Every winner must comment on at least 7 (seven) news stories of the GRAPHITTI NEWS page for 7 (seven) consecutive days.
  6. Every winner must comment with their full names and verifiable email address.
  7. Even when comments are made on the anonymous option - the comments must be signed off with full names and verifiable email address.
  8. The decision of the naijaGRAPHITTI Team shall be final.

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